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We fight poverty with love Image

We fight poverty with love

By providing programs that serve the body, mind and soul, we help alleviate the symptoms of poverty - and works to address the root it.

46.7 million Americans live below the poverty line. 60 million more live one crisis away.

Sadly, children raised in poverty are 32% more likely to remain there than their more fortunate peers.

We are here to feed, shelter, assist and equip the poor.

Poverty is so often the result of - and the catalyst for - chronic struggles with hunger, addiction, housing insecurity, mental illness, unemployment, educational voids and various forms of abuse. These interconnected struggles continue year after year, and often span generations. That's why The Salvation Army works to meet the needs of the whole person through short and long-term assistance - first alleviating the symptoms of poverty and then addressing the root issues that cause it.

Poverty doesn't have to be permanent. The Salvation Army helps those in need to overcome poverty through a variety of programs.

Rent Assistance
We help local individuals and families with the payment of a portion of one month's rent, if they can show self-sufficiency for the next month. We do not help finding housing; that is the responsibility of the client. The client requesting assistance with rent must be part of the rental agreement. We do not help with rent deposits.

Utilities Assistance
We can help families and individuals in emergency situations to pay for gas, electricity, propane, and some other sources of heating and cooking such as wood and kerosene. This is a once a year assistance with both gas and electricity.

In case of an emergency, we can assist with a reasonable amount in medications when there are no other resources available. 

Durable Medical Equipment Loan Program - Due to new regulations, we will no longer be able to provide this service.
We provide durable medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, shower seats, toilet seat risers, walkers, crutches, etc. at no charge for people who require accommodations.

We help seniors with food, medications, utilities, eyeglasses, hearing aids, and we sponsor seniors for summer camp. 

Emergency Transportation and Transient Help
We provide a one-time emergency transportation in the form of gasoline, one-way Greyhound tickets in the continental US, and minor auto repairs. In case of an emergency, we also can provide food and short-term lodging to transient families only.

Law Enforcement Program
Our service unit provides bus tickets, gasoline vouchers and food vouchers to various law enforcement agencies throughout the valley to help people who contact them with emergency transportation needs.  We also work with the various public safety agencies when they have clients with emergency needs due to domestic violence or other situations.

Seasonal Assistance

  • Holiday Food Baskets:  Our service unit provides yearly holiday food baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Adopt-A-Family:  We match donor with low-income families to provide food, clothing, household needs and holiday gifts during the Christmas season. We give toys for those families that could not be matched with a donor.